Golf Holidays in Huelva, Costa de la Luz

Golf holidays in the Huelva province of the Costa de la Luz in south west Spain overlooking the Atlantic coast are not as well known or over subscribed as some of the more popular golf destinations in the area. However, most of our clients who visit for the first time are soon keen to return as the high quality golf resorts and golf courses in combination with easy access from Faro and Seville airports, very reasonable prices and great customer service make the Huelva province an easy choice for your next golf holiday in Spain!

The Light in Huelva

The light in Huelva inspired Juan Ramón Jiménez, our great poet laureate, as it had inspired Sorolla long ago when he painted the tuna fishing in Ayamonte. Dotted about the province are observation posts from which to admire light in its extensive range of colours, depending on whether you see it reflected on the wetlands, on the Ocean or on the Sierra.

When tourists are asked what impresses them most in this province, one of the parameters they usually point at is the light.

And it is true that in very few places the visitor can admire so many different aspects of light as in our province, where light, at different moments of the day and different periods of the year is itself a performance.

But this light not only colours Huelva’s landscapes, it also shows the extraordinary generosity of the sun towards this province, which permits its inhabitants to live and enjoy the privileged nature in all its splendour, the infinite beaches, giving them a calm and mild view of all things human, with the optimism of an especially healthy way of life.

With an area of more than ten thousand square kilometres that rise from the open beaches to the green Sierra, Huelva receives the last sunlight in the south west corner of Europe. This province, on the border with Portugal, receives 3.200 hours of sunlight a year, long days to enjoy intensely.

The climate is very agreeable; temperatures are mild, softened by the Atlantic Ocean that bathes the coast from Ayamonte to Doñana, for more than 120 kilometres. Average annual temperature is 18º, January being the coldest month with 12º and August the warmest with 25º. There is almost no rainfall during the greater part of the year.

Huelva’s Food & Drink

Evolution of the economic circumstances and the different cultures created an extraordinary rich and exquisite gastronomy. Diversity is the dominant characteristic, as each region, each village has its own specialities, although ham and seafood play the leading role at the table in our province.

In the Sierra and more specifically in the triangle that form Aracena, Cortegana and Cumbres Mayores, – with the mythical Jabugo in its centre – the famous industry related with the Iberian pig is the most important product; modernized treatments live together with traditional slaughtering practices and exquisite meat, ham and sausages can be tasted everywhere. Recently a museum has been opened in Aracena, totally dedicated to the ham; it is the first museum of this kind in the world.

The Coast is of course an area of rich fishing tradition, and gastronomy is based on fish and seafood. Fishing harbours such as Isla Cristina, Huelva, El Rompido, Ayamonte, Lepe or Punta Umbría have insurmountable seafood such as the langoustine, or the very peculiar white shrimp from Huelva, molluscs like the “coquina” a very fine local clam and the chirla, a small mussel; fish such as tuna, angler fish, sea bass and the very popular member of the cephalopods, the “choco”.

The very vigorous agriculture of the province produces highly appreciated fruits, strawberries and citrus fruits, and the raw material for the wine of the Condado (County) area, where young, fruity and generous wines are made, as well as vinegar with guarantee of vintage or brandies of international fame in La Palma.

The Beaches of Huelva

Huelva has 2998 hours of sunlight with an average temperature of more than 18º. 23.5º is the average highest temperature and 12.7º the lowest. There are on average 215 days annually without rainfall and less than one frosty day a year. So, the beaches and their surroundings are a natural meeting point for those who carry out sports activities, such as nautical sports or golf.

The ocean is welcoming with golden sand beaches that have been declared by the Health Authorities “appropriate for swimming, high quality”; these conditions are present during the whole year, with generally only a moderate swell.

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Golf de la Luz was incorporated in February 2004 following a brief golfing holiday in the Costa de la Luz (Huelva region) in late 2003 where an opportunity arose to develop a destination-specific golf travel company for that region in particular. In the years since then we have grown to become the leading golf travel specialist to the Costa de la Luz in addition to offering golf holidays in other regions of Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

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